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16 January 2010

"darkness is not the mere absence of light; it has some positive quality. whereas bright space disappears, giving way to the material concreteness of objects, darkness is "thick"; it directly touches a person, enfolds, penetrates, and even passes through him. thus the "self is permeable to the dark but not to the light"; the feeling of mystery we experience at night probably stems from this."
roger caillois, 1935, the edge of surrealism: a roger caillois reader, p101

"since dark space enfolds me from all sides, and penetrates me much more deeply than does bright space, the role played by the inner/outer distinction and thus by the sensory organs as well [insofar as they enable external perception] is quite minimal"
eugene minkowski, 1933, etudes phenomenologiques et psychopathologiques

i have a sense that my area of academic research is expanding at a quicker rate than i can ultimately fully grasp in time for my thesis submission. at roughly the same moment, i suspended this thought in favour of reckless and altogether self-indulgent investigation.


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