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room 55985
28 April 2010

"the divine light penetrates the universe according to its dignity"
[dante, c.1300, the divine comedy]

the following sketch is of 'room 55985;' the chamber where solaris is to be played. drawn with a lithograph crayon, the image is an attempt to represent the curvature of the inner surface of a sphere, with multiple point-perspective field of view. the viewer/camera is somewhere above this one punctual spectator, not quite in the centre of the apparent sphere, looking down onto the top of this column.

within the body of the column are two concentric spiral staircases - rotating against each other. one to reach this privileged position, the other to leave.  

'black 55985' is the name of etching ink used to print this plate. this black is particularly dark, with an imperceivable brown hue.

08:57 16th july 2186

geo. latitude   4° 38' n

geo. longitude  74° 05' w

julian date   206

declination   -11.6029

hour angle   [at 09:00] 45°

2186 is not a leap year
for further explanation, derivatives and equations see here


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