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matzine#005 ~ views
24 October 2010



Dear Reader,
mat.zine is a conduit for collaborative practice, and welcomes submissions from anybody who is interested. The editorship changes with each edition, as does the theme.
The theme for this edition, which framed the included artistic, philosophical and poetical exploits, was a single word; views. The group originally involved in mat.zine has now disbanded and ventured to different regions of our shrinking terra firma, as indeed has the greater cohort of Dundee School of Architecture class of 2010. Most have before us new cities and towns, landscapes and vistas, or at least new awareness of the places we already know most intimately. The choice of media, method and motives were yours to each decide. Photography, writing and drawing were the obvious ones. All the editor asked is that you each responded in some way to the word; seriously, profoundly, even ironically.
The results are as varied as they are mysterious - see what you think.
Yours, in optimism,
The Editor 

[these are the words of ian pollard]
[this edition is important for the matzine; it represents the language of a broader range of connected individuals, and it is a determination to grow in this way]



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