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11 August 2009

the meta architecture film

lo&behold gallery exhibition with lights out pen drawing an attempt to solidify the camera's field of view joiner of gallery's exterior

exhibition three visitors to the exhibition watching the film pen drawing an attempt to solidify the camera's field of view joiner of gallery's exterior

"this film dwells in the discontinuities of experience. it asks us to engage with the world through images, whose most salient features are their scalpel lines which raises the dizzying possibility that we construct our world and not just look at it."

dr lorens holm

"there is always some kind of unbridgeable gap between what you represent and the reality."

dr lorens holm

"the joiner videos are brilliant at illustrating how much of our visual field is moving and piecing together bits"

rion willard


meta architecture

location lo & behold gallerymap
collaborators stephen mackie, co-artist
vincent oliver, sound artist
rick roxburgh, photographer
lorens holm, guest speaker
luke ferrari, marketting & p.r.
bradley lloyd, gallery manager
time frame september 2010 → february 2011
synopsis The subject of the exhibition is about this notion of visually representing a subjective experience of space. For this we have surveyed two spaces in London, a studio apartment and the gallery space we are exhibiting in. To do this we use photography, film and hand drawings as a way of testing our research.

An important question this project aims to ask the viewer is
“how is your holistic visual perception of space different from the limits of what your eyes can see?”

Assuming there is no single objective answer to this question, our drawings and video are expected to act as an interpretation of this ‘holistic visual perception.’ The intention is that the viewer uses this reference point to compare with their own sense of how they visually experience space. This exhibition is an installation of video, drawings and a zine-like publication [which contains a text expansion of the theory and references used in the exhibition's research]. An original soundtrack is being designed as a reaction to the film, produced by renowned music engineer Vincent Oliver:

This installation and the associated events are a collaborative project between two recent graduates of architecture. As it stands Blueprint magazine is interested in the project for an article on creative entrepreneurial efforts of young architects.
related projects black mill, body space motion, horror tests
events exhibition, opening, guest talk, t.m.l.e. talk

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