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a line describing a cone
20 October 2009

anthony mccall concieved this piece to disengage his work from the notion of a single aspect experience. aside from interesting transformations of visitors between their role as the spectator and their role as performer [as they interact with the projection][perhaps in being the performer here, there is no opt-out option, other than by accident], aside from this, mccall scripts a three-dimensional transformational space-invoking gesture, your experience of which is unique to your position in the room, moment of view and your state of motion.
i'm reminded of the otherwise insignificant moments when i walk down the level 6 corridor and the low-penetrating evening sun triumphs in casting odd blades of pure light deep in the heart of the building. if every deviation from the earth's surface can act as a sun dial, in a sense, the matthew building is like a cosmic clock.
level 5 never feels this light.


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