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14 March 2010

take arms!
this is nothing less than an attack on the very poetics of space!
hoards of lifeless, evenly distributed, white-wash florescence is taking over our space, day and night!
19th century paris revolted against the newly installed public, gas lighting system, being paid for out of the police budget, it was seen to illuminate the streets to help quell rebellion.
our 21st century needs to rise up against the perpetual lamping of every street, the empty, constantly-lit office blocks, the dead-space supermarkets, the flat, seemingly texture-less walls of your children's classrooms.

switch off those over-head bulbs, separate your six species of light and marvel

weep, alas, i'm not talking about light pollution, i'm talking about poison of your very soul.

[a reaction against unsettling trends to evenly light all space]


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