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black mill
29 April 2010

black mill

black mill is a short film, which supports my masters thesis in architecture. it is a film based on the film noir genre; a detective story set in a derelict building on the outskirts of dundee city centre.

in this film i investigate qualities of natural, incidental light and methods of representation with the video medium. with this production i was particularly interested to experiment with ideas of cinematography, such as video collage, time-delayed overlays and 'panning through walls'. the film was a collaborative project with fellow student of architecture, stephen mackie. stephen acts as the detective.

having completed this project, the film is, for me, somewhere between a building survey and an architectural proposition. the existing ruinous qualities of the old mill are catalogued, inseparable from an entirely subjective, [although at points hyper-real] experience of spaces.

this film runs for 15mins it has been split in two parts, as below
both parts, amongst other short films of mine, can be found on my youtube channel
headphones are advised

"of darkness visible so much be lent,
as half to show, half veil the deep intent"
[ alexander pope, 1943, dunciad, book IV, the poems of a. pope]


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