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strike the arc i
25 October 2010

strike the arc 
fluorosity and other observations

there is an uncertain moment when you complete the circuit and your fluorescent tube stutters to life. it's a violent event, made all the more startling if at this moment you have the tube in your hands. this is to 'strike the arc'; when the ionised mercury atoms are jolted into a plasma of excitement [think of accelerating from almost stationary to nearly the speed of light in what is effectively, an instant].

it is only now that the electrons meet a small enough resistance between the filaments that the ultraviolet blaze takes hold. over the last few weeks i have, shock horror, begun to admire the technical complexity of these begrudgingly over-used [and often harsh] emitters.

i posted these two receipts a few weeks ago in an admittedly crude attempt to kill the stale-mate between blogger and i, and also as a 'sneak peak' into this fluorescent light investigation.

i want to explain this highly-speculative, modestly-scaled project across two or more posts, with reference to artists dan flavin, olafur eliasson and some observations

observations to expand
reflections in successive generations
thin shadows, the elongated
the emitting object/'soft extent'
dual filaments : a circuitous palindrome : unbiased direction of electricity flow
when against a surface, the tube is in highest contrast as the brightest source against the darkest surface


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