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projector, phi phenomenon and the psychophysics of vision
5 May 2010

phi phenomenon and the
psychophysics of vision

image: the incremental tilt and shift of projected film solaris; orthographic plan view - top middle right

the aspect ratio of the projected image is maintained by the cross-sectional proportion of each light vent, rather than a condenser lens as you would find on a conventional projector. although, in the strictest sense, since the original film reel of solaris is in anamorphic format, with 2.35:1 aspect ratio, the horizontal plane of image is condensed, only later to be expanded by the appropriate, opposite affecting lens; a module attachment for the projector.

the persistence of vision is upheld by the mechanical cylindrical shutter housed on the projector. this removes the otherwise apparent flicker of the moving film image. considering the widely accepted flicker fusion threshold for humans to be roughly 16hz, solaris will have to be projected at a faster rate than this. in fact, the shutter and film will both operate at 24hz.


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