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rias student awards
29 October 2010

RIAS student awards

the royal incorporation of architects in scotland today announced on their website the results of the 2010 r.i.a.s. scottish student awards. my student architecture projects have done well, gaining a commendation in the RIAS drawing award. very pleased; considering i was ecstatic to be nominated by dundee school of architecture whatever the outcome.

the exhibition of these awards' nominees and nominations is a good thing, however the effort and thought gone into this exhibition is, i feel, unsatisfactory. the space given to the awards is understated, awkwardly placed within the gallery and, in short, is lacking in pride. the likely joke is that given the chance, any one of the nominees could have been more creative with the constraints.

above selected pages from nomination submission 
below [not my] photographs of exhibition at the lighthouse in glasgow, scotland 

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