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drawing on the right
29 November 2010

grimshaw architects recently sponsored a life drawing class, with a set of conditions.
i         no looking at the page one was drawing on
ii        drawing with one's less dexterous hand [in my case, my left hand]
iii       drawing with both hands, simultaneously, with the above two conditions
ix       finally, on selected drawings the pen was not allowed to leave the page.

this applied discipline made producing a self-indulgently pretty depiction of the model's bodyform near impossible, yet still some unexpected attractiveness prevails. there is a child like quality in these drawings - perhaps something to do with the unusually clear evidence of thought/focus on the drawing. the result is almost remedial.

the exercise reminds me of a book that i read before beginning my education in architecture, called drawing on the right side of the brain, by betty edwards. a fascinating worthwhile read.



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