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nothing disappears completely
28 November 2009

"nothing disappears completely, however; nor can what subsists be defined solely in terms of traces, memories or relics... in space, what came earlier continues to underpin what follows"
"absolute space is located nowhere. it has no place because it embodies all places, and has a strictly symbolic existence. this is what makes it similar to the fictitious/real space of language, and that of mental space, magically [imaginarily] cut off from the spatial realm, where the consiousness of the 'subject' - or 'self-consciousness' - takes form."
 henri lefebrve, the production of space, 1991

'obelisk *001' etching, aqua-tint print


27 November 2009

i propose that the deformation of space through representation methods has the power to inform and unhinge our experience of space. gordon's work, seen above, caught my eye as i rambled through the 6th year studios of nottingham's architecture. beautiful and eerie.

input ≥ output
17 November 2009

chase down the lines of enquiry

piranesi, giovan battista - fictitious 'prisions'
john soane - candle-lit parties
lebbeus woods - incredible interpretations
andrei tarkovsky - extremely long takes
jorge luis borges - nature of time, infinitymirrorslabyrinthsreality, philosophy, and identity

below: one 5 prints from a zinc etching plate.
i don't think he can get out of there


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