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21 December 2009


matzine #001

eamon sheridan
tim heatherington
ian pollard
rowan mackinnon-pryde
sean mcalister
alice chambers
doro theisse
mark milstead
peter hyland
luke kilpatrick


14 December 2009

nadine haberthuer. shadow + time

bill henson. at the opera

luna nero

i had a critique of my research-to-date recently. i consider it to have been a highly constructive discussion. it often seems that these reviews neglect to provide a significant springboard for further lines of enquiry [or indeed further inward reflection], and so i am left to imagine why i consider this critique a success. and i consider that success as something to do with how engaged i felt my critters were. of course, and as always,  my perception of the review could be unhelpfully biased, and so i look to my peers and tutor for further insight.

off the cuff, a few challenges are set before me.
to translate/evolve my work into three dimensions
to spend some time looking for black

7 December 2009

  1. [instinctive assembly] montage of a chronological experience through the viewfinder of my camera
  2. [rational assembly] montage using 'traditional' methods of photo-montage composition 
  3. [robot assembly] automated photoshop cs3 photo-merge 

6 December 2009

studio has never felt so inviting!
plaster, print, plate, tools, books, white spirits, lamp, buckets
creative endeavour doesn't travel in straight lines
this reminds me of bruce mau's number 18>>
18. Stay up late.

Strange things happen when you’ve gone too far, been up too long, worked too hard, and you're separated from the rest of the world.


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