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a line describing a cone
20 October 2009

anthony mccall concieved this piece to disengage his work from the notion of a single aspect experience. aside from interesting transformations of visitors between their role as the spectator and their role as performer [as they interact with the projection][perhaps in being the performer here, there is no opt-out option, other than by accident], aside from this, mccall scripts a three-dimensional transformational space-invoking gesture, your experience of which is unique to your position in the room, moment of view and your state of motion.
i'm reminded of the otherwise insignificant moments when i walk down the level 6 corridor and the low-penetrating evening sun triumphs in casting odd blades of pure light deep in the heart of the building. if every deviation from the earth's surface can act as a sun dial, in a sense, the matthew building is like a cosmic clock.
level 5 never feels this light.

axis [...searching for the zenail passage]



it's like some sort of evolving, growing thing;
there are common genes in each item, but the
necessarily progressive mutations intrigue me


15 October 2009

we reviewed the sheet music projects today
to present, each student hung, from the ceiling, their collage images in the studio
there is something of this exhibition style which i think we could use throughout the year
display vs exhibit...

8 October 2009


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