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"...the sovereign of clocks and shadows..."
22 August 2011

i return to you years later,
grey & lovely city
unchanging city
buried in the waters of the past

i'm not longer the student
of philosohpy, poetry & curiosity,
i'm not the young poet who wrote
too many lines
and wandered in the maze
of narrow streets and illusions
the sovereign of clocks and shadows
has touched my brow with his hand

but still i'm guided by a star
by brightness, and only brightness
can undo or save me

star by adam zagajewski. i read this on a wall in london's underground tube network, on my way home from leeds & birmingham [as part of project context]. i have a fit of goosebumps on every pass. i'd suggest scanning this interview with zagajewski, it takes my mind to far away places and spreads my eyes apart.

i've been blogging less than i use to because my time is spent elsewhere, in those hidden places for where only few keys exist; sketch books, conversations... but these two photographs above are my studies following josef albers' 'interaction of colour'. the top colour study is from chapter 9 entitled 'colour mixture in paper - illusion of transparence' and the bottom photograph is from chapter 14 'colour intervals and transformation'

the virtuous hunt 
for ways of seeing 
spears bounty abound;
a game no trap ensnares

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