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the 'between light'
10 June 2010


degree show 2010 : these images on first glance might seem to be simple gradations of exposure but a closer inspection reveals light 'between light'; selective luminescent captures of the same lit space. watch how the light bulb's perceived effect on the space vary

lumière archeology 
is a growing field of investigation. 
ancient documents are being scanned, stripped and scrutinized with high-intensity imaging devices for hidden clues to their true meaning and means of production, amongst other things.

we don't need a l.h.c. or industrial x-ray machine to unravel imperceivable stratum of space space. photographs contain much more [useful] information than we might initially give credit for. for example, a multidimensional dissection of a photograph, using adobe's photoshop, might include a filter by colour/tone then extracting specific areas of contrast. the images above are an example of this disjunction of algorithms. 

this 'between light' is the product of an interpretation of photoshop's image adjustment filters - these interpret the digital values of all the pixels in the digital photograph, using concealed algorithms to produce new values. interestingly, the more advanced algorithms don't just look at individual pixels, but sets of neighbouring pixels' values to determine the new value of the current pixel. a step beyond this is the multiplexing of filters and their illusive algorithms. 

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