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corpus sonus, by musarc
29 April 2012

musarc's loaded dictaphones: key apparatus for corpus sonus. photography by chryssa panoussiadou 

i sang bass in this recording of musarc's performance, in margate's turner contemporary, 20th april 2012. recorded by joseph kohlmier.

musarc choir encompassing our conductor, cathy heller jones, while we practise and perform. turner contemporary gallery, margate. photography by chryssa panoussiadou

the first part is musarc singing in a large gallery space, standing in a circle, facing inward with audience scattered around us, their backs the the wall. our conductor, cathy heller jones, instructs us to synchronise record on the dictaphones.

a dictaphone silhouette traces musarc's first position for the performance. photography by chryssa panoussiadou

the second part of the performance begins when we stop singing and stop recording, rewind, press play, set the dictaphone at our feet and disperse into the audience. we assumed pseudo-formal poses while we, along with the audience, listened back to the tapes. the out-of-sync tapes satanic or at least darkly-heavenly tone. the performance ends when the last tape reaches the end.

the score for corpus sonus, by joseph kohlmier

corpus sonus
 is a revisited version of william byrd's ave verum corpus. the original concept of this revisit was introduced by the talented sam belinfonte with contributions from Original idea by Sam Belinfante with contributions from Toby O’Connor, Cathy Heller Jones, Maria Smith, John Bingham-Hall, Esther Waterfield, Joseph Kohlmaier, Hannes Voss, Mela Boev and the ensemble. musarc performed this new commission at margate's turner contemporary gallery, on occasion of the gallery's first birthday.

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