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josef, étienne & i
5 July 2011

josef, étienne & i

"the search is what everyone would
undertake if he were not stuck in the
everydayness of his own life. to be
aware of the possibility of the search
is to be onto something. not to be
onto something is to be in despair"

walker percy, the moviegoer
[as quoted on page 1 of 'seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees' by lawrence weschler]

the image above is my submission to the copy/paste issue of matzine#09; it is of two beds, one for étienne and one for i - two characters from a short story i wrote for the previous issue. i had built part of a miniature stage-set for the piece but the simplicity of this spread, the strange divide of the spine, the butterfly and clone effect, the floating beds in paperspace and the questionable penmanship - these qualities won me over.

in a 1968 interview, josef albers said something provocative, that has stuck with me and seems pertinent here :

"the source of art - or where it comes from - is the discrepancy between physical fact and psychic effect"

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a folly for a flyover
3 July 2011

sunday 19th june saw me lending my brick threading skillz to the  f o l l y   f o r   a   f l y o v er  team

cool, engaged bunch - the get-up had a great ad-hoc vibe and the competence to pull it off

hats off

[looking forward to 2001 : space odyssey]

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